June 14, 2009

Project advances….

This past weekend hubby and I made ALOT of progress on the biggest of our summer projects.  The hot tub project was moved miles forward with the installation of the wiring and gravel pad.

IMG_1940 Sod Removal …


Installation of the electrical wiring (hard to see because hubby did such a great job on the sod!)… 


And finally, the gravel base is prepared and waiting for the delivery of our new toy…

hot tub

After all this hard work, we sat back and enjoyed the late afternoons and evenings while making plans for the deck that will connect the hot tub to the house…

What an accomplishment!  Hubby certainly deserved that nice thick steak he got for supper!

Other projects accomplished …

  • new birdfeeders installed (we love our feathered friends – in fact we watched a robin couple building a nest in our grape vine arbour over the patio – welcome to the neighbourhood!)


  • Painting of the metal poles holding up the grapes – finally rid of the rust!!!

2006 098(this is what the grapes looked like in 2006 – a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!)

Projects remaining …

  • Paint our dining room table … this is a biggie!  I have an old dining room table that my parents gave me.  It’s a pedestal table with one leaf and I love it’s versatility, but it’s finish is quite warn, almost completely off on the top.  I had an estimate to refinish it and well, let’s just say it’s not worth putting that much money into it.  So, I’m painting it – black.  One of my first posts – the Dream Dining Room – was the vision for my dining room, and the table is the first step.  I have another small table I will do a test run on, so I’ll post some pics as I work through the process – and I hope to have a successful “finish” – pun intended!
  • Completion of our interlock driveway – last summer we had to dig up the foundation – story for another time – and we have waited for the ground to settle (and to make sure the water issue was taken care of) before completing the interlock
  • New garden beds – my green thumb was itching, so 2 new locations have been scoped for garden beds – can’t wait to get started!
  • etc. etc.. etc…

Hope everyone had as productive a weekend as I did …


  1. Wow! big project! congrats on getting it done!
    I also want a hot tub...

  2. Holy smokes, you're going to have a busy summer!! Good thing you'll have that new hot tub to relax your tied body in ;-)

    I got a lot of gardening done over the weekend. The big job was picking up all the stupid maple leaf seeds from the neighbour's maple tree. Grrrrr!!!!

    I'm amazed how well grapes grow here in Ottawa. I assume you grow them to make wine??

    We sometimes see a pair of ducks wandering around our street -- which isn't anywhere near water!! And I just saw a couple of cardinals in the backyard yesterday.


  3. Sometimes the projects never seem to end! We are prepping our house for sale, so my gardening skills have been reawakened to get this yard in shape.


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