June 11, 2009

Thanks … and check these out…

Blog_Award_thumbMy friends Kelly and Victoria over on DesignTies were deservedly awarded the “One Lovely Blog” award for their hard work and amazing content. Way to go girls!

In turn, DesignTies awarded 15 Canadian blogs with the same award - AND MY BLOG WAS ONE OF THEM! Thank you ladies – I am honoured. Check out their post and all of the great blogs (both Canadian and International) that they follow! Well worth the trip.

I am becoming more exposed to the world of blogging, and one of the neat aspects is all of the GIVEAWAYS!!! Here are some I came across:

And for a neat list of giveaways check out this blog

Check them all out – and good luck!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and through this post I discovered to be also on the Canadian List. Congratulations to you.
    I also love your header!

  2. You're welcome for the award!! We love to support our Canadian blogger friends :-)

    Thanks for checking out my turquoise post. Happy to help rekindle your love affair with turquoise :-) And yep, you'll know it's me driving around in my turquoise smart car!! As far as I know, there are only two other smarts like it in Canada.

    Enjoy the hopefully-sunny weekend!!



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