June 20, 2009

One day … two milestones



Yesterday was a big day in our family – the celebration of two milestones that made for one loooong day.

First was the celebration of our daughter’s 25th birthday – one that I must admit I secretly deny – there is NO WAY I am 25 years older!  I guess the secret really is that I don’t FEEL 25 years older.


192719734_083df52314The second celebration was my very own graduation from the local college’s Residential Decor certificate program.   I was blessed to have my husband and both daughters attend the convocation ceremony yesterday, letting everyone know as I walked across the stage to accept my certificate.

After four years of night classes, weekend sourcing, late nights printing pictures, cutting fabrics, sawing hardwood samples, mixing paint and creating paint chips, drafting floor plans and putting it all together in sample boards, idea files and client presentations, the final goal has been achieved!  Pheww…  you know, I think I’m actually going to miss it – the people mostly

And now it’s time to put all that education to work! 


  1. Donna ~ Congratulations on both your daughter's birthday and your graduation! You should be very proud of yourself (on both counts)!

  2. Kathy - thanks so much! I am very proud of both - but as most mothers, proud mostly of my smart, responsible, caring and successful daughter. Boy how time flies....

  3. Yay, Donna!!! Congrats on your graduation!!! I've been thinking about taking some decorating classes at Algonquin, but I can't seem to commit to signing up and just doing it!! You should be really proud of yourself :-)

    And happy birthday to your daughter :-) Time sure flies, eh?!


  4. Congrats on your graduation and Happy birthday to your daughter- You will love being a designer, I know I do!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. CONGRATS!!!!! I'm sure it was tons of work, but now the fun begins.

    Wishing your daughter a very happy 25th!

  6. Wow - congratulations to you! That's just awesome! And happy birthday to your daughter!!

  7. Congratulations! What a fabulous day to have so many happy things to celebrate.


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