June 7, 2009

A weekend in the Garden

Well, we have perhaps finally seen the beginning of the summer in Eastern Canada – perhaps. I’m not counting my chickens…

This past weekend I spent at the garden centre, and then elbows deep giving new homes to my fine flowering friends…

First was the hunt for effusys, after reading a great post by Kelly from DesignTies, which I finally tracked down. The last four to be had were found hidden behind some dracena – phew. If you haven’t read Kelly’s post and wonder what all the excitement is about – check this out …


This spiky curly plant is just begging to be asked about … I love it!

Next, was finding some plants to fill my many and varied containers collected over the years. The key for me was height, movement and cascades of colour. And so, I ended up with…

container 1… a mixture of grass, potato vine, ivy and lobelia. This was day one – I think it will fill in quite nicely!

After all the planting, I thought I would take some shots of previous non-floral additions to my garden…

red lanterns

Red lanterns I found at Home Sense, with candles from Home Sense as well.


The original birdbath was a terracotta dish with a beautiful blue glaze finish, but someone dropped it while putting it away for the winter – and it wasn’t me… but, really, I’m over it now :o). I replaced the dish with a glass bowl I found at – yep – Home Sense. I’m not sure birds will be able use it (it’s a little slippery) – but darn it looks good!!

honeysuckle trellis


This trellis (from guess where) was supposed to house a new clematis, but instead I found the most beautiful bright pink honeysuckle, who now has a new home!





And for those of you wondering where my new hot tub is … stay tuned!!!

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  1. Yay, you found the effusus!! It's such a fun and unique plant :-) I'm going to bring mine inside in the fall, and I'll hopefully keep them alive over the winter.

    Be sure to post more pics of your planter once it fills in :-)

    You made some nice finds at HomeSense -- I can't pick one favourite, they're all great!!

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my interview with Jamie Drake :-) He's a fantastic designer and a really personable guy :-) Good luck in our giveaway!!



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