April 20, 2009

The dream dining room...

Came across this dining room picture in a post at SOUL PRETTY: Feels like Sunday... that is so close to the vision for my dining room it is eerie! My kitchen has so little storage space - well OK it has a fair amount - but no storage for the special pieces - my great-grandmother's china, my mothers silver and the great pieces I have been collecting in my many years of married life. Having no china cabinet or such storage, these special pieces have been packed in the basement for the last 4 years (part of the "stuff" mentioned in my previous post). Of course it's never as easy as just doing the dining room - there's also the removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room, the installation of a patio door in the dining room, the new deck that you would step out to from the dining room, etc.. etc.. But, you have to start somewhere right????

Thanks Soul Pretty - for keeping the dream alive!


  1. Nice dining room :-) I've been trying to redo mine for the last year, but I just can't seem to make style and colour decisions.

    The thing about kitchens is that no matter how much storage and counter space they have, it's never enough!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. I'm just like you, Donna... I have special "stuff" in the attic that really, really need homes in our house! And it's funny... I call it stuff, too. When my hubby and I are shopping and I see... well, stuff... I say in a reverant voice: "stuff" and Brian says "Yep". That's his response for most things! :-) My goal this summer is to get some of my stuff out of the attic and put on display... how about you?
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  3. That's a great goal Victoria - you'll have to let me know how successful you are. I will attempt to do the same and we can compare notes!

    Thanks for dropping by and signing up as a "follower" - you and Kelly are the first!

    This is so exciting - I am very quickly becoming hooked on blogging! I find myself coming up with ideas for posts all the time - even have several in draft format as place markers. Stay tuned.....


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