June 16, 2009

Some inspiring words…

Take a moment or two to head over to An Inspired Life to read Melissa's inspiring post on Daring to Rediscover What you Love.

Sometimes we need to pause a moment in our busy lives to take stock, reflect and re-position ourselves. This may be necessary for a multitude of reasons, in fact, sometimes the reflection is forced on us by life events. Regardless of the reason, it’s an important task we must undertake. Because there is only one “me” and only one “life”.

Thank you Melissa for giving me the inspiration to do just that. Much appreciated!



  1. Thank you very much for following Meade Design Group Blog - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reflect a bit a stop and reading such an inspirational entry.

  2. Thanks for the link to Melissa's post. It's very inspiring, and really makes you think about what really matters most in life :-)

    I hadn't thought about using the flip flop mat in the winter -- but that's a great idea!! Anything to brighten up all those long, cold months!!

    OMG, aren't those maple seeds a PAIN IN THE BUTT?!?!? And they always fall AFTER I've planted the flower gardens in the front yard, so I have to hand-pick them out from between the plants and flowers. I swear that tree laughs at me and taunts me every spring!! And meanwhile, the property that the tree is actually on gets way less seeds than we do!! And of course, we get the majority of the leaves in the fall too. Grrrr!!!! But, I do love having the tree there -- we just have a little birch tree in our yard, so it's nice to have the shade from the big tree over our yard. It's a real love-hate relationship!!

    I'm watching your slideshow as I type this -- beautiful photos. Oh, there's your grapes!! :-)


  3. Donna, thanks the kind words in your comment. The two deaths last week have been a catalyst to look at my life. Am I being the best that I can be? Am I using all of the gifts God blessed me with? Am I doing everything with a loving heart and attitude? Am I living with fear or faith? Am I living with an resentments? Good time to look inside!


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