June 3, 2009

The Joy of Paisley

penzance paisley chair pad betbathstorecomI did an inventory the other day of the number of paisley patterns that are scattered around my house. There were ALOT! Not only did I find in the living room upholstery, master bed duvet cover, and office drapery, I have several pieces of clothing with wonderful paisley patterns as well, the most recent are a couple of pashminas (shawls) I picked up on the street in New York City.

There just seems to be something about the whimsical teardrop design that draws me in every time. So much so, that I thought I would do a little research …

According to wikipedia, the pattern dates well into the distant past, but it’s western name and popularity came from the Scottish town of Paisley. The town’s mid-nineteenth century weaving industry is credited for naming rights to Paisley.

Whatever the history – I am drawn to all things paisley – here are a few I found while browsing:

YDS538Paisley koessel studios

From Koessel Studios – an oversized paisley wallpaper – gives a modern feel to a traditional room – LOVE it!

paisley chair eBay Design Blog by Shawn Henderson



Lovely form and colour – and it’s all topped off with paisley! eBay Design Blog by Shawn Henderson



thibault wallpaper norwich paisly from river road collection




I’m getting my book and a warm cup of tea … a lazy Sunday is calling my name! Norwich Paisley from Thibault Wallpapers’ River Road collection.


 coventry paisley wallpaper lelands wallpaper



Coventry Paisley wallpaper from Leland’s Wallpaper. This would cover the walls in the library that I got my book from for the chair above :)



 margaret almon mosaic ball



Isn’t this a gorgeous mosaic ball? It would be lovely as a decorative feature in the garden. From Margaret Almon Mosaics.


 MADE_IN_PAISLEY_-_2000 matthewrobersassociates

Paisley in Art – love the draping of the teardrop on the tree branches – Matthew Robers & Associates

paisley plate aedriel designs a room somewhere blog

I think ANYTHING would taste good off of this plate… Aedrial Designs

chocolate paisley - lemonannie blog



This little valance topper is from Lemon Annie’s blog. I really love the combination of colours and the chocolate ribbon sets it all off.



paisley-linens-150x149 crate and barrel


Modern twist with large pattern Paisley linens from Crate & Barrel.




Luichiny Paisley high_heel_boots Zappos

And finally “la pièce de la résistance” – funky paisley boots from Zappos – NOT in my wardrobe!


  1. You found lots of great examples of paisley :-) Those boots are totally OTT, but VERY cool -- on somebody else'e feet, though!!

    We have paisley curtains in the kitchen and a couple of paisley cushions in the family room :-)


  2. I've always loved paislies!! My favourite item you shared is the plate by Aedrial Designs... want some!! But that Koessel Studios wallpaper is stunning!! And how sweet is that valance topper?!
    Thanks for sharing, Donna!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  3. I love that wallpaper, the boots and that plate. So nice!

  4. I have always liked paisley although it wouldn't be the first thing I'd say if asked which patterns I like. Your post reminded me of a shirt I had in the 80's that had a paisley pattern. As I recall, it was very comfortable too, so I have a nice memory of my paisley shirt!

  5. I just discovered this post! I love paisley as you can tell by my mosaic gazing ball--I'm glad to be in such good company. The paisley draping on tree branches is great.


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