June 23, 2009

Summer breezes in…

Well, June 21st has come and gone, and in my neck of the woods it actually brought “summer”, with warm days and beautiful breezy evenings.  With vacations looming and the hot tub delivery today (more to come on that front), we are super busy trying to get all the loose ends finished.  That can make for some crazy busy days, so I thought some calming summer images were in order … enjoy everyone!

314168487_deocrtherapia simplynaturaldecor blogspotBack_Sitting_room_white_curtains_and_blind_%28Custom%29 naturalcurtaincompany uk

 il_430xN_66778314 allysatticcraftsetsystore

 house beautiful2 5-camp-style-porch-dec0807_xlghousebeautiful

7-cozyisromantic-outdoorroom-1207-xlghouse beautiful Bedroom_striped_sheer_curtains_%28Custom%29 naturalcurtaincompany uk summerbreeze colonialvacationrentals   SUMMER1-3

And this is where I wish I was on breezy summer days like today!

Photo credits:

1 – decortherapia via www.simplynaturaldecor.blogspot.com 2 – naturalcurtaincompany.co.uk 3 – allysatticcrafts on etsy  4, 5, 6 – house beautiful 7 – naturalcurtaincompany.co.uk  8 – from colonialvacationrentals.com 9 - unknown


  1. Hi Donna, that first picture got me...I need a vacation and soon.
    We are planning two weeks on Vancouver Island in August which right now feels far far away.
    I love Ottawa in the summer, were orginally from Montreal so we use to visit often.
    Thanks for the lovely pictures...
    Regards, Carol Ann
    hope you get to use your degree from school soon, design is very rewarding...if you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime. CAM

  2. Thanks for the comment on my post
    The black table is very cool, I love it too,
    when I use black I use
    Benjamin Moore ONYX 2133-10 think thats the number? do not have my paint samples at home...anyway the name is right.
    My doors and all our furniture pieces are painted with this color and it is a fab, just right black...I think I original got it from cityline's Brian Gluckstein? He used it on a condos doors.
    Regards, Carol Ann

  3. It's funny how even a picture of sheers in a breeze can make you feel cool! I love those fun "Summer" blocks.

  4. The furniture I used oil based paint, you would have to find out if you can put a varnish over...not sure. Best is to as a Benjamin Moore dealer for how to use and what to buy.
    The doors I used BM__semi gloss Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel and it is 2133-10 I just checked the can. (my walls, ceiling, trim are Shaker Beige and just the doors are onyx)
    My neighbour loved it so much he did the same colors...
    Regards, Carol Ann
    PS any questions at all about design or anything email me anytime...CAM

  5. Such gorgeous photos- love the veranda with the archways and the iron furniture- beautiful!


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