April 30, 2010

Odds & Ends – Chapter 3 and counting….

Here friends, is the next chapter in my Odds & Ends project list.


So far I’ve given you an update on:

Let’s see … what’s left?  Oh yeah…

My fabulous kijiji furniture find!  As I was browsing, which I quite often do, through the many furniture ads on kijiji, I found the most gorgeous dresser, bedside table and mirror.  Apart from a few scratches and chips, this is a piece was perfect candidate for a makeover.  Here it is with the hardware removed and ready for sanding:

IMG_2684Can you believe this was the first week of December last year?  No snow (which is huge in Ottawa) and the weather was beautiful!  I guess admitting this is part of my procrastination therapy – yep 5 months ago I started this project!

OK – back to the furniture.  Here’s a close up of the scratches on the front and top:

IMG_2692  IMG_2693  as well as a few places on the legs where the veneer chipped off


But look at the lines of this piece:IMG_2687 IMG_2688

And if you remember my post about Celtic Knots, you’ll understand why I’m over the moon about this little detail …


And for you detail oriented readers, this piece was built in July 1956 and all 10 drawers {yippee} are solid wood with dovetail joints!












Having 10 drawers is going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, because this is what I’ve got now:

IMG_2983Hubby and I have a matching set of these IKEA dressers {cringe} that were purchased when we had a tiny little bedroom with no room for much more than a bed.  They’ve served their purpose well and will be lovingly disposed of, probably to one of our children :)! 

So now that the nice weather has arrived again AND I got the paint gun I asked Santa for, I’m planning to get going on this piece in the near future.  And, of course, now that I’ve shared more details with you, my blogger buddies, I’ve got just a bit more pressure {I know you don’t mean it} to get this done! 

And just to show you how addicted I am to “adding projects” (but not actually completing them), here is another piece I’ve been eyeing on kijiji, although, I don’t think I’d do a thing to this one!


Stay tuned friends – there are pictures of my new guest room coming soon!

You are such great motivators!


  1. It is a beatiful piece,Donna ~ the lines on it are great! Can't wait to see what you do to it! Love that other table, too.

  2. Love it love it love it! Your right, it has amazing lines, I love the wavy curve in the front. Do you know if you would like to stain it or what you wish to do to it? I can't wait to see the hardware! Keep us up to date on it!!

  3. Beautiful dresser Donna - I love the details on the corners! What colour are you planning to stain/paint it?

  4. What are you doing WRITING about it, Donna... get to work!! ;-) But who am I to talk. I'm here commenting on your project post when I have a gazillion things to do of my own!! Now... about that dresser... great find! Love the lines and the Celtic knot-type detailing on the sides. What colour will you paint it? I can't wait to see!

  5. That dresser is absolutely gorgeous. You're SO LUCKY you found it!! The lines are beautiful, and the Celtic knot detailing is fantastic. I can't wait to see you work your magic on it!! :-)


  6. What a find!!!! I like to browse used items too because you just never know where the next hidden gem will be. And that piece is certainly a diamond in the rough just waiting for a good makeover.
    I absolutely cannot wait to see what you've done with it, hurry up :)

  7. That was a great find, looking forward to seeing what you do.

  8. Hey, we're having a Mother's Day giveaway over at DesignTies. Come enter!! You could win a beautiful Lisa Leonard necklace :-) And knowing your luck, you'll probably get it!!


  9. Well glad to see I'm not the only one in the family who has lots of projects.. I have in a mere two weeks obtained from Kijiji buys three dressers, two end tables, one coffee table, a chair and two smaller tables all stored nice and safe in the "boat house". Now where to find room to paint!! However, none appeal to me as much as your dresser..it will be beautiful Donna. I can't wait to see it!! I would snap up that other one as well...but then again..perhaps you don't have the problem I do!!

  10. looking forward to more of your updates! I too have been painting furniture...there's nothing like it. Almost makes you want to never buy new again. Especially if its IKEA.

  11. Loved those lines! Can't wait to see the full redo! What do you do about the chipping veneer? I have a dresser with strips of veneer just flaking off.


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