March 17, 2010

May a little bit o’ the Irish grace your day …

On this, the celebration of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, I wish you all …

A world of wishes at your command
God and his angels close at hand
Friends and family their love impart,
And Irish blessings in you heart.

Not being Irish myself, although I do admit to adding an O’ before my last name every March 17th and enjoying a pint or two of green beer, I do have some Celtic heritage from the other side of the pond (Wales and Scotland).  And I believe it’s that Celtic heritage that has fed my love of the Celtic knot. There is just something about the never-ending knot that inspires me. 


I love the puzzle of it, the romance of it and the symbolism of it. 

One of my current projects  (which I hope to be posting more about soon) has a small carving that resembles a Celtic knot which was one of the features that drew me to it.

Here are some other inspiration pics I’ve uncovered ….

Celtic Tapestryceltic_cross   Paul Sahlin Tiffany Celtic LampPaul Sahlin Tiffany Celtic LampThe Bard’s Chair (via chair - irishfurniturecom  Wallpaper by Charles Newhaven in Ornella (via Apartment Therapy)charlesnewhaven wp ornella apartment therapyIrish/Chinese cabinetStately_Homes_5095_Irish_Chinese_Chippendale_Mahogancy_CabinetNeo-Celtic Cross (by stushie)neoceltic cross stushie writer of Heaven's Highway blogSterling silver Celtic design braceletSterling-Silver-Celtic-Design-Bracelet-8Antique buffet via redlionantiques.comIMG_1370 And here’s one my hubby would absolutely love …   CelticLPOne ottercovblogscom 

Which is your favourite ???


  1. Hard to choose, but I think the bookcase and the bracelet are my favs.

  2. I love Celtic knots too -- they're so intriguing :-)

    The guitar is really cool.

    Hurry up and get that project done so we can see it!!

    BTW, I posted my kitchen makeover a couple of days ago -- it's finally finished!! Well, 99% finished, but that's close enough :-)


  3. I've always loved celtic knots... in fact, when Kelly and I first started DesignTies we used a celtic knot to represent "tied" together in design. Yep... corny!! HaHa!! I'm loving antique buffet, btw.


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