April 11, 2010

Odds & Ends

I’m far too mature to make excuses (well most of the time) and who am I kidding?  By the time anyone reaches “this age”, they pretty well know themselves and should be honest enough to admit it right.  So, here’s my big confession, although I think you’ve already figured this out – you are pretty bright people … :)

It takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to finish projects!

And that is for one reason only – I procrastinate – as I’ve confessed in my post about my dining room table.  Since starting this blog I’ve mentioned the following projects to you:

And you’ve all been very patient, waiting for news about them and occasionally reminding me about them (thanks for that :)).  Granted some of these projects are a long time in the making, but even so, I should just get my butt off this chair and show you the progress at least right?

So - let’s start with my dining room re-do. Unfortunately, there’s not too much to report on this as it will most likely be part of a much bigger reno – the kitchen.  Right now the kitchen and dining room are separated by a wall with a french door (which is never closed).  Here’s a floor plan view:


And this is what I want:

new kitchendining

Based on these inspiration photos:

UlyaJenseninteriorscom  (from local Ottawa Interior Designer Ulya Jensen from HGTV fame!)

And this – my original inspiration:

dining_room(from Interior Designer Phoebe Howard)

Needless to say – this is a BIG project and although it is on the list, it’s one that will require a wee bit of capital, so you probably won’t be seeing or hearing much about it soon :)!

Stay tuned and I’ll update you on my other projects – I promise :)!


  1. Don't worry, you aren't the only one who procrastinates!! I have so many half-done projects around the house, it isn't funny.

    Love your kitchen inspiration pics. I think opening up your kitchen to your dining room is a great idea :-)


  2. Oh, as Kelly already knows I have had an empty dining room waiting for so many projects and decorating for the passed 2.5 years!! I totally identify with you, projects around the house can take forever, and when they cost a decent amount of money to do, they take even longer!! I am waiting for dining room furniture right now, and I am on the hunt for a kitchen countertop to be able to finish my kitchen reno as well :)

  3. Donna I think everyone needs to make this confession - I know I do. I posted about my powder room makeover because it will force me to get it going. Another of my motivators is to invite people over that usually gets me in high gear! ;)

  4. I'm the same. Lots of things left on the to do list... My biggest problem is my guys are usually allocated to our design projects. My clients homes are the ones that get completed.

    All the things that need to get done on my house are just little, like finishing trims, final paint coats, etc... but they all add up. It would be nice to have them done.

    I love the kitchen inspiration photo by Ulya. It's one I've come back to time and time again. I've often think about having my lowers painted dark and sticking with the white uppers. Problem is my kitchen is kind of small... and I'm worried it will make it look smaller.

    Right now I'm trying to get my backsplash sorted out. I know what I want just can't seem to find the time to choose the right tile. Back to clients come first comment... So it remains incomplete... lol


  5. Oh, I feel your pain. Why does everything have to take so long and cost so much. I guess it makes it way more exciting when we finally get there.

  6. I am the queen of procrastination - I am always writing about what I want to do but seem to take my sweet time actually completing projects. I am always trying to accomplish too much and then just give up!
    Glad you stopped by! Nice to meet another Canadian blogger with the same passion for design (and procrastinates too!)


  7. HaHa! Sounds like we all suffer from the time-obsorbing habit of procrastination... yep, I'm counting myself!!

    Think of this - you're one step closer to this project being completed because you've created the drawing!! Looks good, by the way. And I love the kitchen Ulya designed for Peter's flip.


  8. I love your original inspiration pic - When I first moved into my home, I had a space exactly like that and I wanted to build a seating area there. But, it is also the only place where I can get an extra pantry built ...sooo...I think between the chic seating and the nice big extra cupboards I could have for my kitchen gadgets , the pantry won!! Oh well, a girl can dream !!
    It was great meeting you yesterday :)

  9. Ha! Seems we are cut from the same cloth. We (that is the Royal we) get the projects started...then poor hubby who has to do the majority of the work gets left holding the project...UP! LOL, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Really, our master bath/dressing room would be done but Steve's only got 1 day a week off till 3rd week of June...so the tub is still sitting on the floor beside the bed. LOL, it's 8:50 pm he's off to work tomorrow...and just plugged a light in to continue framing for the tub.

    I would totally have the tiling done...but I have to wait for the tub to be framed and installed.

    Great post!


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