October 7, 2009

Where do YOU get inspiration?

For years I’ve subscribed to home decor magazines.
For years I’ve perused home decor magazines.
For years, I’ve ripped, I’ve folded corners, I’ve hoarded and I’ve justified home decor magazines.
So imagine my surprise when the inspiration for my newly vacated 2nd bedroom (daughter #1 recently flew the nest) came from a box of tissues – yep – a box of tissues
I just love the colours and the pattern on the box and I’ve had it as an inspiration idea for quite a while.  Then I found a kitchen towel with another great pattern and similar colours for more inspiration. 
And look how well these go with the set of sheets I found a few years ago that just happens to feature my favourite pattern – Paisley!!
Just goes to show you that inspiration can come from any source – but let’s just keep that between us OK – don’t tell my hubby :)
So tell me – where do YOU get inspiration?


  1. That all looks great together, Donna! Magazines would be the first, then catalogs {like Ballard, Pottery Barn}. Sometimes I even get inspired by something I see on a television show.

  2. Beautiful colour! I, too, am reveling in the fact that this FAVOURITE shade of blue is currently so popular and available. And will continue to love it even when it is not so 'on trend'.
    Funnily enough, inspiration lately came from you and your table project below. I was inspired to finally paint the little pedestal table I have for my (barely) eat-in kitchen!
    So thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Cool!!

    I get inspiration from everywhere -- magazines, TV, blogs, the internet, nature, stores... the inspiration for our guest room was two throw cushions :-)

    I think if you really pay attention to what you're looking at, you can find inspiration all around you :-)


  4. Your creative juices are flowing!!

    xo Laura

  5. I find inspiration everywhere too. Never thought about finding it in a tissue box, but that just shows that I need to keep my eyes open, inspiration is everywhere.


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