April 26, 2009


Hey folks - I am particiapting the Rewind Wednesdays blog party over on Design Ties . Check out this post on Staircase Runners and then head back over to Design Ties to read other Rewind posts!

This has been one busy week - one sick daughter to get to Doctor appointments and the other one getting ready for a trip to Europe. In between that and work, I found some time to research staircases - specifically carpet treatments for same. One of our little dogs is getting up in years and having a hard time with stairs. There have been a few tumbles and now he just flatly refuses to go up or down. We have hardwood treads that have little grip for a small dog, so we are looking at our options to make it easier for him. I don't think the one on the right will do :)

While I was researching, I came across many gorgeous staircases that serve as inspiration:

Above from StairRunnerUSA.com - nice combination of pattern and solids to give the runner width.

From Design with Christine - I love the straight treatment on a curved stair - highlights the gradual widening curve at the base of the stairs.

Above, from archiseek.com - Clery's Department Store in Dublin Ireland. The combination of metal, marble wool and colour is gorgeous - by far my favourite!
What a funky solution - and the fact that the runner doesn't go to the top just adds to the charm. From Living Etc. magazine site.

This one intrigues me. It would be a simpler installation and you wouldn't have to use too many nails and you can still get the look of a bare staircase. From lizaphillipsdesign.com.

I love the combination of colours in this picture! From http://coastalthemehome.blogspot.com/2009/03/do-it-yourself-stair-runner.html

Wow - not sure how functional this would be - but it sure is FUN! From designboom.com
I love the way the pattern flows up the stairs - stunning. Nancy Boszhardt designed this stair runner and it appeared in House Beautiful June 2008.

How grand a statement this makes. The Westin Riverwalk grand staircase from http://www.darcyleck.com/staircase_architectural-photography.htm.

And lastly - I found a fellow blogger had done some research of her own -- check it out at:


  1. We're planning to install runners on our staircases too, and for the same reason -- to make it easier for our dogs to go up and down the stairs. Should make things easier for us humans too!!!

    I LOVE the runner in the picture from House Beautiful, and how it looks like the plant is growing up the stairs. The staircase with the keyboards and.... mouses or mice??...on the risers is really funky!!

    I'm intrigued by the coverings from Liza Phillips Design too. I haven't been able to find ANY decent looking runners in Ottawa, so maybe something like that would be a better option...

    If you come across any nice runners or more stair covering ideas, please let me know :-)

    Hope the daughter who went to the doctor is doing OK and the daughter who's going to Europe has a good trip :-) And fingers crossed for no more tumbles for your little guy!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. Love the runners... and your cute dog :)

  3. Hi Donna, and welcome to the world of blogging! Your first few posts are quite interesting...you might become quite good at this! :) Thanks for coming to see me over at Serendipity, and leaving a comment. Those are always appreciated.

    I'm loving that zebra runner...I actually considered that for my house after I painted my risers white and the treads black, but then I decided it was a little wild even for me. (And I LIKE wild!) Oh well. It's fun to let other people do that stuff.

    Good luck getting your business off the ground! If you need any advice in that department, let me know!

  4. I remember this post from when you originally posted it -- it's a good one :-) You found so many great inspiration pictures :-) I still haven't found a decent stair runner in Ottawa :-( I'm thinking the best option is probably to have one custom made. Which I'm sure isn't cheap.... argh!!! We need more good home decor stores!!!!

    Thanks for rewinding with us :-) It's fun to read favourite posts from the past :-)

    I'm going to have to check out the sunburst mirror at Home Outfitters. Was it really $370?! Wow!! Maybe I should start a business making them ;-)


  5. I like that staircase with the mouse and keyboards! Makes me laugh.


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