May 3, 2009


Thanks to everyone who left comments for me - you inspire me to write more! I'm really taking a shine to this!

I did receive a message from our daughter in Europe - they are having an amazing time (their first visit). The youngest is feeling much better and accompanied me to Ikea on the weekend - birthday shopping (22 tomorrow - yikes!!!). I do love to meander through the aisles at Ikea, although Saturdays are not the best days as you are fighting crowds and standing in lines. We did manage to pick up a new duvet and duvet cover for her apartment, which she was in sore need of. She is a happy girl!!!

On the home front, Sunday found us at a local hot tub dealer (a fall out from the Backyard and Cottage Show) making a toy purchase for our backyard. We are now planning out the electrical connection and location, with plans for eventually building up a deck around the new toy. Which got me perusing the net for deck plans ....

I love the multi levels of this deck.

Stonework is gorgeous...

Mmmm love the tilework and if we win the lottery, the pool is next!
Like the use of plants to provide privacy...

Very nice use of container plans, lighting and beautiful cedar....


  1. Oooh, lucky you, getting a hot tub!!! Hubby and I talked about putting one in our backyard, but I don't know if it'll ever happen....

    All the decks & hot tubs in the pictures you posted are so nice. I really like the lights in the steps of the last deck -- that's a great idea. And I also really like stonework deck/patio around the circular hot tub. I'd be happy soaking for hours in ANY of these hot tubs!!

    Good to hear that your daughter in Europe is having an amazing time and that your formerly-ill daughter is feeling better :-)

    I like going to Ikea, but I avoid it like the plague on weekends. I just can't handle all the people!! Monday night at 8:30 is a good time to go -- that's when it's about the the quietest it gets at Ikea!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. I didn't think ours would happen either, but we managed to find an affordable hot tub and decided to treat ourselves for our "milestone" birthdays this year.

    I'll post more about the arrival and installation as it happens - should be exciting!

  3. Hi Donna, thanks for checking out my blog, it's always nice to meet another Ottawa blogger. Great post, now you've got me dreaming about hot tubs!

    You are one brave lady to visit an Ikea on the weekend.........I always go on a weekday's not so scary busy then.


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