April 14, 2009

Ahhh Springtime!

I am absolutley loving this warm weather. I can see the irises and day lillies poking out of the ground and the buds on the magnolia are about to burst. Adding to that was a visit to the "Big Backyard and Cottage Show" this past weekend - with it's requisite bar-b-ques, spas, landscapes and sunrooms. The result is all thoughts of "decor" are focused on the exterior. Oh, there are still plenty of plans for interior, but with all this wonderful weather - I want to decorate and enjoy the outside!

So off I go to the local nursery, hardware and HomeSense stores for some outdoor shopping. Success at all three with plenty of goodies for the garden and it's resident birdies. What I was looking for were structural pieces to give interest to the garden. The foundation plantings, as well as many of the in-fill perennials are already there - the interest pieces are missing. So I picked up some pieces to fill out the garden -- a trellis for a new clematis that will be added - hey you can't have a trellis without a clematis ;); a couple of planters; a really cute welcome sign with baby birds tucked under their mother's wing. Now the planning - where do they go....

Of course, all this shopping and surfing has got the old wheels a spinning.... next...


  1. I'm planning some changes to our gardens this year. Project #1 is spray painting some planters I have bright green & orange. Hope they turn out OK :-)

    Now I'm looking around the house for more stuff to spray paint!!

    The garden pictures you posted are pretty. I really like the pergola bench. Looks like a great place to read a book :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. Thanks Kelly --- good luck with your projects. I have some spray painting to do myself - so let me know if you have any tips.

    Seems like we share a city -- I'm in Ottawa too -- and always looking for fellow decorators to network with. It really is a small world.


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