September 29, 2009

A Busy Life - - -

Life has been so busy lately that I have fallen behind on my blogging, and am feeling guilty (as if I need one more thing to feel guilty about!).  So this post will be a mish mash of topics to update you and ease the guilt somewhat…

At the end of July I was lucky enough to win a Giveaway from DesignTies.  I won a really cool painting by artist Matt Leblanc, a fellow Canadian from New Brunswick.  Matt picked my suggestion of “Fiamma” to name the painting. 

matt_2_thumb[2] After I won I made arrangements with Kelly from DesignTies to meet and pick up the painting.  Well, four and a half hours of later, I had a cool new painting and a neat new friend who just happened to be the cousin of a girl I went to elementary school with many – many years ago – in Montreal - it really IS a small world!

Back to the painting  - as you can see Fiamma is a beautiful blend of yellows, reds, oranges with some depth added with  a deep black.  She is awaiting a new spot in my home as soon as we finish our fall painting projects!  I will definitely post about her new home when it happens.

As a birthday gift this year my hubby and daughters gifted me with family photos with a local photographer Robin Andrew who has a really interesting concept for her photography business “unposed”.   Not your typical family photo session, the six of us (pups included) had a lot of fun being totally unposed .  I haven’t got any of the digital images to share, but please check out Robin’s website to see her amazing work.

This past week Kelly and I met again, this time to attend a local women’s networking event called “Cherry Pie”.


This event gives local women a chance to meet and learn about local women-run businesses.  It also gave us a chance to pass out business cards and meet another decorator or two.  And as a bonus, some of the businesses involved food that Kelly and I enjoyed sampling – the chocolate cupcakes were yum-yum-yummy!!!


And last but not least, my dining room table project --- Black Bean Soup from Benjamin Moore was the colour choice and the final coat was applied on Sunday.  The varnish will be applied tomorrow night and I’ll post pictures later this week.  Just in time for Thanksgiving dinner :)!

Ahhh…guilt-free for another day or so!


  1. You can't feel guilty, Donna; then it's not fun anymore! I haven't been on Facebook {at all} or Twitter {sporadically} like I had been. I think it's a burn-out of some kind. It's good to take a break sometimes. With that said, I can't wait to see your table!

  2. Those teeny-weeny cupcakes were SO good!! The whole Cherry Pie event was informative and fun, and I had a great time hanging out there with you :-)

    Looking forward to seeing Fiamma in her new home :-) And also to seeing your "new" dining room table :-) I just bought a round oak pedestal table off Kijiji for $100, which I'm planning to either sand & stain or paint a dark colour like Black Bean Soup. So I'm espeically curious to see how your table came out :-)


  3. Oh those cupcakes look soooooo good! Can't wait to see where you hang the painting and get a peek at your new dining room table, busy girl!


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