October 29, 2009

Kitchen Planning …

So this past week or so I've spent in front of my computer.  Not blogging, not surfing, not gaming, but designing ;) ... designing a kitchen :) ... the Matawatchan kitchen :D !!  I’m using the Home Designer software package that I posted about here.  I am finding it fairly easy to use and it’s library of fixtures, appliances, material, paint, furniture etc… is quite extensive. 

It has been going great but ….wow, there is so much to consider when you sit down to design a kitchen. 

  • where will the appliances go
  • where do they best fit
  • how will the traffic flow
  • what does the work triangle look like
  • is there enough storage
  • where does the sink go
  • how much space do you need between cabinets
  • how big should an island be
  • how does it all work in a small open concept main floor of a 125 year old log home

And I haven’t even looked at the finishes yet !

But...I am nothing if not driven by a challenge so I'm dusting off the text-books and surfing the net and blogosphere ... kitchen design here I come.

Here are some inspiration photos I’ve been collecting care of Houzz.  Hope you enjoy!  As for me – it’s back to my kitchen planning!!!


  1. Oh, some lovely kitchens! What a task- designing a kitchen! I must admit that I think the kitchen is, by far, the most difficult room in the house. Because it simply must work. We are both big cooks and a perfect kitchen is a dream. Ours is actually very functional and not much I would change (other than better appliances, updated finishes). But I am happy with the layout, storage, etc. All I can say is - lots of pot drawers are really helpful. And a couple of tall pantries. We have one big pantry for canned goods and one for dry goods and we use ALL the space!

    Oh, and a spice cupboard!
    Good luck and thanks for your thoughtful comments on my "I am tired" post!! I just felt like admitting that sometimes all the rat race is too much, and yes the pressure is self-imposed most of the time. Today I decided to remove two items from the pre-Christmas list I wanted done and the load feels lighter already.

    Hope you are well and try to enjoy the decorating and not stress too much!

    xo Terri in Calgary

  2. I'm loving that dark grey kitchen with the shelves packed with pottery... it's FAB! Especially with the antique sideboard in the room. Ahhhh!!!!!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  3. good luck with your kitchen project.
    Beautiful kitchens :)

  4. Lighting, Lighting please choose a very cool lighting...

  5. Love the kitchens you found! We look forward to seeing your kitchen when it's done!

  6. Have fun, I'm going to check out your software post as I'm thinking about buying some.
    Lovely pics....the second kitchen looks A LOT like mine........at first glance I was wondering how the heck you got a picture of it ;-)

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