September 6, 2009

This Really IS Labour Day! (Part II)

Today, in part II of my "This really IS Labour Day!" post (see Part I), sanding, priming and colour choice...

Yesterday, as the sun was shining and leisure activities calling my name, loudly I might add, I was hunkered down in the backyard - sanding - sighhh.  For a solid three and a half hours, I had my handy-dandy-don't-leave-home-without-it Little Mouse Sander gripped firmly in my now aching hands. And this is the result:


So, as I'm sanding away, hubby pipes up and asks "What colour are you painting this??" with a rather skeptical look on his face. "Black or dark brown" was my reply, which was really narrowing it down. He had a few suggestions, but after I explained that I was going for a "sophistication" and not "country", he walked away with a shrug of the shoulders “Whatever”… such support!! :).

After this conversation, I started really pondering my colour choices. Based on the inspiration pictures in yesterdays post, I am looking for dark sophistication. My original thought was to use Benjamin Moore's "Jet Black"...

jet black bm 2120-10

Then I started thinking that pure black was a bit strong, sophisticated yes, but a strong dark colour. That got me looking at some browns, like Benjamin Moore’s “Willow” which is a gray brown …

willow bm cc-542
Or "Bittersweet Chocolate" (again Benjamin Moore)...

bittersweet chocolate bm 2114-10  Or how about “Mink” (yup – Benjamin Moore)…

mink bm 2112-10But this is getting to light – I wanted sophistication – not as dark as black, but something that was close.  Here are the two that I’m choosing between… “Carbon Copy” …

carbon copy bm 2117-10 and Black Bean Soup (both Benjamin Moore) …

black bean soup bm 2130-10 Whatever colour I choose, it will be applied to a well primed table.  That was today’s task and not without it’s hiccups.  First, it was finding the new brushes I purchased months ago (my name is Donna and I’m a procrastinator).  Finally dug them up, tucked away with the unbelievable amount of half full paint and spray cans we have (sigh … more “stuff”).  OK, now shake up the tin of primer I bought long before those brushes (do I have to say it again???).  All set – get out the gloves, open the paint, set up an array of possible brushes (one thing I’ve learned is to have several on hand as the first one you pick won’t do the job).  Now – GO! 

Now, I’ve got the tunes cranked (XM Radio - #27 The Bridge) and I’m happily painting away and hubby strolls by (are you sensing a pattern here) and says – “Hey – isn’t that an Oil based primer?”  “WHAT???” “Yep – see here – it says ALKYD.  That’s oil-based.”  “Crap!!!” (actually I think I was a little more expressive but this is a family show).  So,  not only am I a procrastinator, I’m also NOT a double-checker.  I was seriously pissed at the RONA paint guy who sold me oil based primer when he knew I was going to use latex paint!

At this point I’m committed (to the paint not the insane asylum – although hubby may have a different opinion:)!).  The reason I think this is a problem is that I was always under the impression that you don’t mix oil and latex – and I was planning on using a latex paint on the table.  So, after I finish painting, I start checking out the blogosphere for help.  (As an aside here – I absolutely love that the blogosphere exists for this exact reason – I can find people out there who have been where I am right now and find out how they fixed it.)  But back to the problem at hand… in steps “Young House Love” with this article … How to Paint Furniture … which clearly explained that the best thing to do on older furniture that may have a stained or unknown finish is to seal it with an oil based primer.  WOO HOO!  We’re back in business.  I know I could have gone with an oil based paint, but I hate the clean up and the smell.  Latex is so much easier!

So, here’s a shot of the table primed with oil based primer.  All ready for the next step which is colour (EEEEK!!!!!):


Tomorrow we will succumb to the call of the wild and are spending the day at a friends cottage – can’t be all work and no play right???  This will give the primer plenty of time to dry.  Tuesday it’s off to Benjamin Moore to pick up the new colour that will adorn our dining room.

Stay tuned…..(but when you aren’t staying tuned have a great holiday!!!)


  1. I love the Bittersweet Chocolate, Donna. I am a shaky person to start with so an electric sander in my hands just exacerbates that ~ I wouldn't be able to hold my arms up after what you did! It looks great! I can just imagine that feeling of dread you must have felt at first when your hubby said that about the oil based primer. Glad to hear that worked out okay.

    Are you using a foam roller, spray paint or another method of putting the paint on? Can't wait to see the finished table!

  2. Hi Donna,

    I can't wait to see the finished table. I think it's going to be beautiful. I love round pedestal tables.

    I use BM paint colours in all of our projects, however, my favorite black/brown colour for furniture and cabinetry is Ralph Lauren Turret. It's a perfect espresso colour. If you get a chance tomorrow you might want to have a look at it. Just a thought...

    Have a great day!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. I know it will be beautiful.

    My grandparents had a table, just like this, with the square pedestal and all. It sat in the dining room for many many years. I know it was there during the 1940's and had been there for several years, at least; I'm sure, since around 1930. For family gatherings, Granny brought in the piano bench as extra seating. There was room for at least three children on that bench. I remember playing under the table and hiding "treasures" in the space, where the leaves fit. It was like a little ledge, when the leaves were not in place, perfect for paper dolls, etc. Granny also spread a quilt over the table, for ironing. I don't think I ever saw her use an ironing board.

    Thanks so much for bringing back childhood memories, with your project.

  4. I was going to suggest Ralph Lauren Turret too. It was THE colour everyone on the H&H forum was using about 5 years ago when they wanted a dark black-brown.

    BM Black Bean Soup is a good choice too. I'm sure whatever colour you pick, the table is going to look great!!

    Whew, good thing about the primer!! Doesn't it feel awful when you have that moment of panic, though?!


  5. doesn't that mouse sander make your hands go numb? i loved mine but after about 10 minutes, i could feel the blood buzzing in my hands. it was strange.

  6. Have you finished this project yet, Donna? It's a great table!! I hope you'll post an update soon...
    Victoria @ DesignTies


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