October 16, 2013

Three Reasons to Visit Chicago–Frank. Lloyd. Wright.


Several weeks ago, hubby and I visited Chicago for the first time.  We were wowed by the architecture, the landscaping and the friendly people! 

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At the top of my list was a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park, a short transit ride from downtown Chicago.

Oak Park is an area of large beautiful homes on large beautiful lots with mature gardens and trees.  It was a pleasure to stroll through this neighbourhood and visit the home and studio of one of my favourite architects!

I’ve written about the home tour over on the TBB blog here.  In this post I’m going to share a tour of the studio Frank designed adjacent to his home in Oak Park.

After gaining popularity as an architect at the turn of the 20th century, Frank moved business from his home to the newly built studio adjoining his house.  This studio was designed to allow maximum light without obstruction so architects and their students could work the long hours required.

Support was provided using heavy duty chains as structural support rather than large wooden beams as seen below.


The room was filled drafting tables, overhead pendants and task lighting.  The quote shown from Rudyard Kipling’s “McAndrews Hymn” was displayed in the studio, I’m guessing to provide inspiration.  The adjoining office space was built to display the work of the architects and conduct business with clients.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Sep 2013

The studio/office tour was a wonderful glimpse into Frank Lloyd Wright’s work life as well as his design aesthetic.  Next week I will share the walking tour of the Oak Park neighbourhood.

Happy travels….


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  1. Beautiful! I haven't been to Chicago before, but that city is racking up the "must see" points!

    1. It is definitely a must see Meredith! Food, music and architecture all rolled up into a beautiful city - I'm going back for sure!

  2. I've wanted to go to Chicago for a long time - the closet I got was flying over en route to NYC! Your photographs are so enticing, they just make me want to go even more! Thanks so much for sharing!! :-)

  3. wow the photos are wonderful, I would love to spend more time in Chicago, everyone says it is beautiful and I think they are right...


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