October 5, 2013

Friday Find–October 4

I have been seeing a lot of dark walls in my design wanderings lately.  Not previously a fan, I have to admit they are growing on me, but they have to be done right.  Dark colours are tricky to work with and if pulled off right you get something like this:

Dark walls

Source / Photographer: Sharyn Cairns

What do you think?  Would you do this in your home?

Happy Weekend…Donna

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  1. I love dark walls. Especially in a bedroom. Our master has been a dark greay at this house and the house before. It is so cosy and easily lightened up with white/light bedding in summer and cozi-fied with dark bedding in winter.

  2. I agree - dark walls can look gorgeous! I painted our powder room Sherwin Williams Mink, a beautiful dark grey color and it looks amazing! I love your inspiration photo!


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