March 26, 2012

Window walls

We've had some unseasonably warm weather we've been experiencing up here in Canada's capital city. I was pinching myself to make sure it's not a dream :). I'm not convinced that winter is over yet though, I've seen some nasty snow storms hit in March ... just sayin'.

While I've been enjoying the great weather and exploring my new iPad, I've come across a couple of pictures of rooms with entire walls of windows and thinking how nice it would be to have a room with this feature, especially in a warm location with an amazing view.

Here are a couple of examples of window walls in rooms ...

Source: Studio William Hefner via

Source: FINNE Architects via

Source: Fougeron Architecture via

Source: Betram Architects via

Source: RD Architecture via

And how about these, from the exterior:

Source: Bosworth Hoedemaker via

Source: Rhodes Architecture + Light via

Source: Frank Shirley Architects via

Wouldn't you love to spend some time in a room like this?


  1. I love, love, LOVE window walls! Definitely a feature that I'll be adding to my dream home (assuming I ever actually get to build my dream home!)

    I'm really hoping the forecast for freezing rain & snow tonight is a bad joke. Really, Mother Nature? After the sunshine & warmth you gave us last week, do you really want to do this to us?


  2. Great pictures Donna - a dream house for sure - would need to do more reno's to get a wall of windows - hubby would say no for sure!

  3. Wonderful to have window walls that frame both a beautiful interior and lovely view!

  4. That's a really classy house right there! I would love to have a house just like that. With more trees and vegetation too!


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