March 7, 2012

On busy lives and blogs

It would appear that my busy January turned into a busy February too, and I’ve been away for far too long!  Writing a blog is like going to the gym, if you get out of the habit, it’s really hard to get back into the habit.  And like the gym, all it takes is the first step to get you back into the groove.


So here I am, back to my blog.  The gym?  Well that’s another story.  A girl can only procrastinate accomplish so much you know.  I’ve missed you all while I’ve been away living my life.  I’ve missed reading the blogs you write, I’ve missed the inspiration you provide and I’ve missed your comments.


While I was away I’ve continued with education and research around home design and decor.  In January I spent a long weekend with 5 talented friends at the Toronto Interior Design Show, which provided gallons of inspiration.  There were also a couple of blog related events while in Toronto which gave me plenty to ponder in relation to the content, format and future of my blog.


So, over the next while you’ll be seeing some changes.  Nothing major, except perhaps I’ll be posting more often than of late :).  I do intend on adding some regular features and there will be a couple of DIY makeovers coming your way once the nicer weather hits.

It’s nice to be back, folks … I’ve missed you *mwah*


  1. Missed you too Donna! Glad we got to spend last weekend together though!

  2. Thanks Lisa :). I'm glad to be back and thanks again for a fun weekend - you have a beautiful summer home!

  3. Although I've seen you IRL...glad to see your back at the blog. I've been absent as well, but will be rectifying that shortly.

  4. Wondered where you had gone....welcome back and look forward to those DI"Ys.

  5. I totally empathize! (similar boat, so to speak!) Love your post and thoughtful accompanying images ;) Looking forward to reading more soon!


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