September 11, 2011

Shake it up!

During August our family spent a week at a vacation home in Browns Flat, New Brunswick on the St. John’s River.  With the exception of the uncooperative weather, and a little bit of SUV engine trouble, it was a fun week.  We played board games, card games, did a puzzle or two.  We ate some delicious meals and drank a couple, or more, bottles of wine.  There was canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming.  Hubby bought me a new lens for my Canon DLSR camera, so there was quite a bit of picture taking too – over the 7 days I took in the vicinity of 800 pictures (which I will share in another post)!  And the icing on the cake, was a lot of time spent with our grandson who was the star of the week.

With the rainy weather we spent quite a bit of time travelling the roads.  As we drove along highway 102 following  the scenic shoreline of the St. John River one thing struck me – how much I LOVED the use of cedar shake shingles on so many of the local homes.  The look seemed fitting for the area, so nautical, so weathered and so wonderfully “coastal”.   So, since its a little dangerous to drive and use a camera, when I got home I hit the world wide web to find homes with cedar shake shingles.  And I found A LOT of examples, in A LOT of styles … traditional, contemporary, natural, stained, painted … have a look at these:

The Little House on Cape Cod

Little House on Cape Cod

Orcas Island Cabin traditional exterior
Kenilworth Private Residence 2 traditional
chezerbey exterior modern exterior
Lake House traditional exterior
California Residence modern exterior
Porch shed eclectic exterior
Darling-Wright Residence traditional exterior
Arlington Green Cottage traditional exterior
Craftsman Green Renovation traditional entry
Rocky Ledge Entry contemporary entry
SchappacherWhite Ltd.  exterior

All images courtesy of

I’m having a hard time picking a favourite.  How about you???


  1. I really like the last one - the pool house and the second last one. It's really different to see cedar shingles done in black and white.

  2. These are beautiful pictures, I really liked it.


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