September 16, 2011

Friday Find – September 16 {MNO Pottery}

Friday again?!  Whoosh – did you feel that week go by?  Although, if asked I’ll deny it, I think it’s true what they say - as we get older gain life experience, life experience gains speed!!!

This week I’m going to share a discovery I made while visiting the scenic area of Browns Flat, New Brunswick this summer.  As I mentioned in a previous post on cedar shake shingles, we spent a week in a cottage in NB this summer surrounded by family, water (in the form of rain mostly), campfires, good food and wine and the occasional visit from friends. 

During our time in the area we happened to stop in at a local potter’s shop.  Darren Emenau of MNO Pottery (did you catch that slight of name???) creates some amazingly unique pieces from his self-built wood fired kiln on his property near Browns Flat.  We found Darren by stopping by his country store  on highway 102.

mno country store exterior mno country store

Darren produces a variety of pottery lines, some of which use local materials indigent to New Brunswick.  Here are a few examples:

caprie mno elastic mno flashing platter mno (I purchased a piece very similar to this)

Please visit Darren’s website, and if you are in the area, stop by his charming country store to see his work in person!  I’m certainly glad I did.


  1. Reminds me of trips to PEI and visiting Stanley Pottery! Love visiting fellow artists and finding unique treasures to enjoy or gift to others! Love the clay coloured with turquoise piece (1st close up photo) - and the shape of the art piece you chose, Donna! Darren creates beautiful work! Enjoy using yours! :) Pam,

  2. I like his work, its hard for me to even describe his unique! :) Been looking for items to place on my new diy floating thanks! :)))


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