June 14, 2010

It’s Nate Day!

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Over on Twitter the the Moggit Girls (@moggitgirls) from the Moggit blog have started a revolution :-).  It’s a Nate Berkus revolution.  Last month it was announced that Nate Berkus would be starring in his own show, which will air September 13th. 
nate060209 Well Joy and Janet (the real Moggit Girls) are huge Nate fans.  They’ve suggested to Nate that he have one show where the audience is full of design bloggers, and Nate and his producers AGREE!  To show how serious they were, they suggested that design bloggers prove  their love of all things Nate by doing a post on June 14th of their favourite room of his.   And so, today is Nate Berkus Day!
It was very difficult to pick one, so here are a couple of my favourite rooms – and I’m just touching the surface here …
Nate Berkus dining room Nate Berkus mantel artNate Berkus2Thank you @moggitgirls, and…..

Happy Nate Day!

Now check out all the other great design blogs who have contributed to Nate Day here!


  1. Wow, I am so totally out of the loop -- I had no idea this way going on today. Although to be honest, I really don't know much about Nate Berkus. But I've seen that second room before, and I love it :-)


  2. Love the first picture I hadn't see that one before. He does do great dining rooms!

  3. I LOVE the wall decor in the first picture it is perfect on the dark walls and draw you right in! Thanks so much for participating in our NateDay!

  4. Love the rooms you chose to show! And now I am all hyped up ready for his show, I can't wait!

  5. Well done Donna - love your stuff :-)


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