June 23, 2010

Earthquakes … and winners!!!!

Well folks, this has been quite the exciting day!

First, I had a very real life experience of being 18 floors above the ground during a 5.0 earthquake.  YIKES!!  If you hadn’t heard, we in Ottawa were quite close to the epicentre of an earthquake centered in western Quebec (A on the map below). 


As I was working away at my day job in IT, about halfway up a 27 storey office building in downtown Ottawa, the floor began to shake, then shake a little more, then the walls and pictures began to visibly shake.  It lasted only a few seconds but was certainly scary!  Having only experienced earthquakes from the first floor of my little bungalow years ago, this was certainly a new aspect to earthquakes – not one I’d like to relive thank you very much!!!

I quickly tried to check in with hubby and daughters one and two, but land and wireless lines were either down or overloaded.  It is interesting to note though, that Twitter carried the news at record speed – I even tweeted my experience (@donnahargrove) and checked in with my many twitter pals to make sure they were OK.  Eventually, contact was made with family and all was OK – phew!!!  And when we arrived home everything was as it should be and the pups were safe and sound.

And then after all of my daytime excitement, tonight I get to draw the winner of my very first blog giveaway!  I was so lucky to have connected with Jane from The Earring Lady on Etsy to put this giveaway together.  If you missed the giveaway, please give Jane’s Etsy shop a gander – she does beautiful work!  Thank you so much Jane!!!

And now I know you are wondering about who the lucky winner is, aren’t you? Patience my friends, patience…

In order to randomly select the winner, I printed out the comments and numbered them as seen here:


Then I went to www.random.org to use their true random number generator.  I entered from 1 to 44 and clicked on “Generate” to select the lucky winner.


Drum roll please…………………………………  

image And our winner is…..


Nancy of Marcus Designs!!!  Congratulations Nancy!  From Nancy’s previous comment she selected the Turquoise Briolettes as her favourites.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Great choice Nancy!


Congratulations again Nancy – I know you will love these beauties!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the giveaway!  Hosting my first giveaway was fun and I will definitely do it again, so stay tuned!!!


  1. Congrats to Nancy -- those turquoise earrings are beautiful!! :-)

    I may not have felt the earthquake, but the oh-so-sexy-voice of Vinney on BOB FM read the e-mail I sent to him complaining about missing it on-air. So that was pretty cool :-)


  2. Wow, I am so glad all of you guys are ok, that must have been so scary!! I kinda thought is was only us Vancouverites that experienced this stuff!!

    I am sooo excited to have won your fabulous giveaway!! Thanks to you and the lovely Earring Lady for such a great giveaway, and I never win anything so I'm feeling lucky!

  3. I can't believe this earthquake business. Glad you are OK. We only felt slight tremors where I am.

  4. Congrats to Nancy! I heard that earthquake was even felt in northern New York {not down my way}. I think that is excitement I could live without,Donna!

  5. Next time I'll pay attention to the deadline :-)

  6. Freaky eh? Glad it wasn't me 18 floors up. That was quite the quake...

  7. I felt it here just outside Toronto too. I was actually really excited to feel a real live earthquake - but just the mini-no-damage type.

  8. Nancy... Congratulations! As soon as I get your address, I'll mail the earrings to you. I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed making them! :-)

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the earring giveaway and especially to Donna for hosting it!!

    I feel like I've made so many new friends!

  9. Congratulations Nancy! I'm sure you'll be loving those beautiful earrings. Speaking of earthquakes just realized that was my third one -one here in Ottawa in 1988, one in Las Vegas a few years ago while we were visiting and now this one! Didn't think they were that common...

  10. Congratulations Nancy. Nice to win something isn't it!


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