May 29, 2010

Random images…

A few garden images to celebrate the arrival of summer temperatures….

IMG_3109 IMG_3114 IMG_3113 IMG_3116 IMG_3119 

From our trip to Montreal last weekend to celebrate our 28th anniversary (wow – when did “that” happen?):

IMG_3090IMG_3097 IMG_3101  

Le Parchemin, a lovely french restaurant we have frequented for anniversary celebrations located right beside the church pictured above:


  Lovely tulips basking in the early spring sunshine:IMG_2999

My gorgeous magnolia…   IMG_3010  IMG_3012 

Enjoy your weekend…


  1. Gorgeous photos. I'd love to go back to Montreal - the last time we went was 9 years ago (for our 20th anniversary) - it's such a pretty city. It's only a 6 hour drive but we never seem to make it. Lucky you for getting to visit for your anniversary - congrats, by the way.

  2. Love all the pretty flowers! And by the way, you have great picture taking skills! I would LOVE to visit Montreal, one day I will make across this country! :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! I love your peonies. I wish they would bloom all summer long....


  4. the colors are breath-taking! that third closeup is sooooo beautiful. thank you for sharing them all. hugs!

  5. Lovely photographs Donna. I love flowers and, as we build our garden, I'm looking forward to learning how to grow them. Right now it's pretty darned chilly her on the west coast - I guess it's been like summer back east for you! Not sure when we'll get those summer temperatures you're talking about ;-)

  6. Beautiful images! Hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  7. Great pictures :-) are the peonies from your backyard too?

  8. Anonymous - yes apart from the tulip photos, all flower pics are from my garden. Have I said how much I love my garden?

  9. Lovely blooms and gorgeous pictures. I'm so happy to have found another Canadian blogger, and Ontario too.

  10. How beautiful! How beautiful! I am one of those "brown thumb" people who can kill a silk flower. I am in awe of anyone who can grow things. AND take pictures of them? WOW!


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