May 27, 2010

Keeping your cool

I’m not quite sure if the weather we are having in Canada’s Capital city this week is record breaking, but I’ll say one thing – IT’S HOT!!!   On Monday, the temperature reached 30°C, Tuesday we hit 33°C and yesterday it was a very stifling 36°C. 

keep your cool

All I can say is – WOO HOO!  I actually love the heat, of course I may be singing a different tune had I not somewhere to go to get out of that heat :)  We’ve had the central air running full blast, the windows and blinds were all closed against the sun and we even turned down the temp in the hot tub – it’s now a cool inviting 34°C – which is actually very nice even in this heat.

sunbathing (And yes – this is me – in my dreams - lol)

Speaking of heat – or actually cool, along with the AC, we have had all of the ceiling fans in our home running to circulate the cool air.  I know that “ceiling fan” is like a dirty word to many decorators, and some of them have a lot to be desired in the looks department, but functionally they do a great service.  Each of our three bedrooms has one, as does our stairwell and kitchen.  Admittedly, they were all here when we bought our home and are on the pedestrian side of design, but, hey, you can only tackle one thing at a time.

So, with our master bedroom undergoing renovations, hubby suggested we replace the current ceiling fan, which can only be run on high without squeaking, with a new one.  Now, I’m all for upgrading, but I know my hubby, it will need to be done on a budget.  So, no running off to the high end lighting store, we’ll be looking at the likes of good old HD, Rona and (new to the area) Lowes.  Of course, there are a few styles I’m trying to stay away from.

1) the bowl light that mimics a part of the female anatomy (you know - the boob/nipple light :)) like this: hunter royal palm2) the three/four light fixture like this:hunter convent garden

Here are a few I’ve been eyeing from Home Depot, Rona and Canadian Tire:

hunter ceiling fan wintrop ceiling fan in bronze finish image

And here are some that I dream of …

benito fanimationcancun fanimation sirius treville

And I did find a light kit on the Fanimation website that I did like:

And then there are some really different and funky ones out there:

nebulacumulos involution old havana vetricco volare 

Ceiling fans – love ‘em or hate ‘ em?

  Leave a comment letting me know how you feel.  And if you have a great source for ceiling fans, let me know that too.


  1. I hate the way some of them look {not all, but some}, but they do serve a function that I find works well in my own home. Every bedroom in my house has a ceiling fan {a couple with lot fixture; a couple without}. Since our ceilings are white, ours are white. You kind of hope they disappear, but they don't. If I were working with a client and they didn't use a ceiling fan, then I'd tell them to replace/remove it.

  2. Totally not a fan, parden the pun :)

    You're so lucky to have such great weather it's still pretty chilly here this week. That PEI north wind is playing havoc with any glimpse of summer this past month.


  3. It depends on the fan whether I like it or hate it. There are some pretty ugly ones out there but I have to admit we have one in our bedroom, one above our stairs and one in each room at the cottage. I like mine and got them all from Costco, HD online and Rona. Couldn't really live without them in the summer especially at the cottage which doesn't have AC.

  4. I can't believe the crazy heat you guys are having over there!! I am jealous, I love the heat too. Vancouver is gray as usual today!

    My favorite one you've shown is the second one down on your 'dream' list, it's really nice! Funny that you mention the light fixture that resembles female anatomy, I was JUST talking about those awful 'builder basic' fixtures with a friend the other day! They're terrible!

  5. Thanks for the sources Lisa - I also checked - they have quite a few at decent prices.

    Kathy - I hadn't thought about the idea of white against white to make the fan disappear - I may have to rethink the colours I choose. Thanks...

  6. I hate the ceiling fan in our bedroom (it was a compromise hubby and I made), but I have to admit, it's been coming in handy this week!!

    We bought a nice crafsman-style ceiling fan for the loft. It gets hot up there in the summer, so a ceiling fan is pretty much a must.

    Did you see the episode of Divine Design where Candice used some crazy-ass wall-mounted fan that had huge leaf-shaped blades that waved back and forth??

    Boob lights are evil and should be banned!!



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