July 5, 2013

Friday Find–July 5

This week had me wishing for nicer weather so we could sit outside with friends and enjoy the garden and perhaps a beverage or two.  And when I came across this picture on Houzz, I thought it would be a perfect spot to do just that!

I love the casual fluidity of this seating arrangement.  An arrangement perfect for conversation!  And the garden ain’t to shabby either!

Happy weekend…Donna

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  1. That is beautiful!!! It would suck trying to store it for the winter though!! lol

  2. Wow, that backyard looks like it would be great for entertaining - just beautiful!

  3. That person has a lot of company!!! I could make do with 1/8 of that seating LOL

    Love the bright colours and that house is fantastic!

  4. That is a gorgeous sectional - love all the colour!


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