July 16, 2012

Colour of the month for July–{chartreuse}

Don’t you love saying chartreuse?  It’s even cool to spell, and I have to admit in my younger, pre-design conscious days, I didn’t even know what chartreuse was *gasp*!

Being a blonde with hazel eyes, chartreuse is one of my favourite colours to wear – especially in the summer when I have some actual colour to my skin. 

Source: estherboutique.wordpress.com via Donna on Pinterest

I have several tops in chartreuse, even a purse (or two), and there’s a green pair of shoes (suede shoes I might add) that if forced, I could say they are chartreuse, but in reality they are really lime green.  I still love them though ….

Source: bynowshop.com via Liz on Pinterest

I sat down recently with Chartreuse and had a chit-chat – here’s how it went….

dh:  So, Chartreuse, what can you tell us about yourself?

Chartreuse: Well, dh, I’m actually a 500 year old herbal liqueur. I’m produced by the Carthusian order of monks in the French Alps and my ingredients are a huge secret – HUGE!

Source: proof66.com via Donna on Pinterest

dh: I knew I liked you!  Liqueur you say … well well, let’s talk about that for a minute …. what are you served with?

Chartreuse: I come in two varieties – yellow and green – and both pair well with desserts.  My green self really goes well with chocolate.  You can have me straight up or on the rocks and I lo-o-ove cocktail parties – some of my favourites are: 

  • Everybody’s Irish where I team up with whisky and creme de menthe,
  • the Iguana where I party down with my Mexican pal Tequila and some fruits & veggies
  • and one I think you’ll like where I add a little tang to a classic – the Chartreuse Martini – yup vodka, vermouth and me – all swirling around with some ice!


dh: Wow, I think I’m in love …. I will definitely be trying that last one!  So you say your ingredients are a mystery – how so?

Chartreuse:  Well, originally back in the olden days I was distilled as the “elixir of long life” and as such my ingredients were a secret.  Then there was like 500 years of upheaval where the recipe was copied, hidden, sold, bought, and finally returned to the Carthusian Monks.  Today there are two monks who know the ingredients and they’ve sworn a vow of secrecy... so don’t even ask!

dh:  Cool … hmmm … next trip to France, there will be some time in the Alps required…  So, I’m guessing the colour Chartreuse is based on the green liqueur?

Chartreuse: Yes, you’re right, but there are really two colours of chartreuse; chartreuse yellow and chartreuse green.  And there are dozens of in between colours that are derived from chartreuse.  From a light greeny yellow down to a darker olive green!

Source: Uploaded by user via Donna on Pinterest

dh: Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many variations on the colour.  So I guess those lime green suede shoes I have really are Chartreuse – sah-weet!!!  Now, as a colour, what other colours do you like to hang with?

Chartreuse:  Good question.  Because I’m used mostly to make a bold statement colour, I go with many colours.  As they say a picture tells a thousand words, here’s a few pics that should give you the idea…

Eclectic Living Room design by Richmond Tile Stone And Countertop Charles Luck Stone Center

dh:  I see what you mean about being bold!!  These are awesome interiors, but now tell us the truth, how do you hold up on the exterior?

Chartreuse:  Is that a challenge?  You’ll be amazed – I’m actually very present in nature from algae to moss to grasses and many many plants.  Here are some examples…

Landscape design via Houzz 

dh: Ughhh Algae …. our pool was that lovely shade of chartreuse a couple of years back … ick!!!  So, I get it that you do nature well… but how about as exterior colour on or around a home … in the non-natural elements?

Chartreuse:  Geez….It’s like you don’t believe me … I actually add a really nice pop of colour in a lot of exteriors – here… check it out…

Source: Uploaded by user via Donna on Pinterest


dh:  Well, I can certainly see you have all the bases covered as far as interiors and exteriors go.  You are quite the versatile colour!  Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with me, it’s been really great getting to know all about you – from the ancient monks to the cocktails to the algae.  I’ll be looking for you as I browse through my Food and Drink magazines as well as through my home decor magazines.  And I’ll salute you as I have my very first Chartreuse Martini!

Chartreuse:  Thanks for having me dh, it’s been fun!

So folks, now we know a little bit more about chartreuse.  If you’d like to see more examples of using this colour check out my Pinterest board and my Houzz Ideabook.

How have you used chartreuse – the colour, or the liqueur???  Share….



  1. TY for sharing in such a creative and endearing manner about a colour I have actually never used in decorating nor worn (being a dark eyed brunette)! Appreciate that it is a gorgeous colour on you - and love all the colour range - in decor and in gardens... adore the image of the woman in the gorgeous chartreuse dress - and those heels! Well done! I now have much greater appreciation for the colour that sounds so sublime!

  2. Donna, this is your best post EVER! So much fun reading your interview with chartreuse :-) Which just happens to be one of my favourite colours - more the greeny version than the yellow version. Love how it's used on the shed in the last picture, and on the sofa with the navy/black piping. And those shoes are killer - although I could never walk in heels that high!

  3. Ha ha! So clever Donna. Love the interview format. This is one of my favorite colours. It goes with all the neutrals. Love all your examples.

  4. Great job Donna, let's try that Martini!

  5. Donna
    You nailed it right on sista... a blog all about my absolute favorite color (green tones, not yellow). Even my wedding flowers were Chartreuse & purple. I love looking at all the wonderful pictures you posted too. I am very much drawn to wearing this color as well because I also have (hazel/green) eyes. Great blog, I'm sure to be back soon!


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