April 19, 2012

Colour of the month for April - {yellow}



Happy Spring everyone!!

This is the second post in my new series entitled “Colour of the Month”.  March’s colour of the month was {green} and for April I’ve gone with the obvious choice {yellow}.

And to paraphrase Vincent – Yellow is wonderful!


Daffodil_Dick_Wilden golden age gardens blog


April is Cancer Awareness Month, although there are many other times throughout the year for raising awareness, April is considered “Daffodil Month” where people wear daffodils to show their support to individuals living with cancer.  You can read more and show your support here.



Yellow can also be found in many plants and flowers.  Here are some of my favourites… a beautiful Forsythia in full bloom:

forsythia1 david hunter garden centers

Black-eyed Susans are also a favourite and I just happen to have some in my garden:


Here’s some interesting info on the colour yellow according to the Sensational Color website: it encourages communication, it activates the memory and stimulates the nervous system.  Yellow is psychologically the happiest colour in the world.  I know this particular yellow beauty from Hermes makes me very happy!

Yellow%20Hermes%20Lindy%20Shoulder%20Bag Yellow Hermes Lindy Bag

The word yellow comes from Old English “geolu” and it’s first know use dates back to 700 AD in “The Epinal Glossary” which is a dictionary of the Old English language.

Yellow has been used in several cultures to denote many things – cowardice and caution in English; Italians call crime stories “giallo” (yellow); and in China a “yellow movie” is synonymous to the English “blue movie” ie; pornograpy.

As for interiors, although yellow is known as a “happy” colour, it should be used cautiously as it can also stimulate anger and frustration. 

Yellow can be paired with many other colours, with blue being a favourite.  The current popular choice is gray as shown below in House Beautiful’s February edition:


One of my favourite bloggers is Maria Killam of “Colour Me Happy”.  Maria is an internationally know colour expert and knows her colour.  One of Maria’s personal favourites is yellow.  Check out her posts on yellow here.  I love how she’s used yellow in her living room!

I prefer to see pops of yellow in a room as opposed to entirely yellow rooms, but that of course totally depends on the shade … here are some examples of yellow rooms that I could live with:

Hampden Office traditional home office

Blue Summer traditional bedroom
Esquire 2006 contemporary bedroom

I love this last one – the glass bubble feature reminds me of my friend Kelly’s family room here. You’ll notice that these three rooms above have one thing in common – the yellow is not too bright or overwhelming.  Keeping your yellow muted and warm will help your yellow room stay calm and comfortable.

Now if you are looking for bright pops of yellow – here are some great examples:

Source: houzz.com via Donna on Pinterest


bathroom modern bathroom

Michelles Master Bedroom. eclectic bedroom
And how about using natural elements for pops of yellow?  Lemons are perfect!
Sask Cres Kitchen contemporary kitchen
And what about these tulips – my favourite cut flower – so delicately resilient.
Living Room Chic contemporary living room

Now what about outside?  Here are some examples of using yellow on the exterior of your home:

Shukert Residence contemporary exterior

Warner Larson Landscape Architects - Laats Residence traditional landscape
Entry traditional exterior

Lots of inspiration to use yellow in your next decor decision.  Or if you’ve already used yellow – let me know where…



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  2. Lovely yellow post Donna, Donna, Donna ;-) So sunny and particularly appropriate on this sunny Thursday in Ottawa. I like you usually prefer a pop of yellow but I do have a yellow basement and since it's my second one, I guess I can live very well with yellow.


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