November 30, 2011

Mercury Glass

MercuryGlassPotteryBarn2Pottery Barn c/o

I’ve been noticing a lot of mercury glass items over the last couple of weeks.  I’m loving the sparkly antique look of these lovelies, so thought I’d do a little research on this beautiful glass.


Mercury glass, or “silvered glass” originated in Bohemia around 1840, and was also produced in England starting in 1849 and is considered one of the first true “art glass’ products.  It is basically free-blown double-walled glass that is silvered in between the two walls and sealed.  Although it is called “mercury” glass, the silvering is produced by coating the interior with with a solution containing silver-nitrate and grape sugar.  Once coated the glass was heated and then sealed in various ways, ranging from cork to metal discs.

Jolie%20Table%20LampCrate and Barrel Jolie lamp

The first pieces I noticed were at Chapters, in their home gifts section….

chapters gardenia candle

And ever since then I’ve been seeing the glass everywhere.  I love the variation in colour on this pendant – a very aged silver.


The following beauties were found on Pinterest.


And this last one is actually a DIY mercury glass.  Check out the tutorial here:  Hmmm, I may just give this a try if I can find Krylon Looking Glass spray paint in Canada.

The other night, I even picked a couple of pretty little mercury glass birds for our Christmas decorating.  No pics yet, but once I get to decorating, I’ll share.

Have you included any mercury glass pieces in your decorating – Christmas or otherwise?  If so, let us know….


  1. Oh how I love mercury glass and it's gorgeous imperfections. Thanks for posting all about the history of it and how's it is made. I have mercury glass all around my house and have for years. I have an urn in my powder room, candlesticks in my family room and lots of Christmas ornaments. But like you said, it's everywhere this year, I just bought some more Christmas ornaments and hurricane lamps that are mercury glass.

  2. Really pretty pics of Mercury glass Donna. I'm wondering if there is a copper colored mercury glass...or maybe that's an oxymoron. Might have to try the DIY project you mentioned.

  3. Thanks for the interesting history lesson...I love the look of mercury glass especially during the holidays and Pottery Barn seems to have a great selection.

  4. Did you end up finding it in Canada? Ive been looking for it without luck. Even was traveling in PA and looked there in a few stores and left empty. I'd love to try a lamp and was wondering how the paint compares to items you see in stores. Thanks!


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