July 15, 2011

Friday Find – July 15

urban outfitters fainting sofa aubergine

In my Dabble browsing this week, I came across this fainting sofa from Urban Outfitters.  I love it in the aubergine velvet.  Just saying “aubergine” and “fainting sofa” in the same sentence is giving me a serious case of the vapours. 

“Why, I do declare, I believe I will have to retire to the veranda. 

Oh dahling, would you fetch me a pitcher of mint julep.”

OK, I’m done channelling my inner Scarlett :).  Have a wonderful summer weekend all!  And while you are enjoying your drink of choice on your veranda, make sure to check out the latest issue of Dabble Magazine!


  1. “aubergine” and “fainting sofa” in the same sentence... love it Donna!! The aubergine colour of this fainting sofa (I did it too!!) is really lovely, as is the shape of the sofa. If you like romantic, I can sooo see this in a coordinating master bedroom :-)

  2. This would be perfect in a soothing ivory master bedroom!


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