June 14, 2011

Las Vegas–Part Deux

In Las Vegas – Part One I showed you pictures of the scenery that we were treated to on our trip to Las Vegas in March.  That was actually one of the reasons I wanted to go – believe it or not – not the lights, the shows or the gambling.   That being said, there certainly were plenty of other amazing things to see in Vegas.  And here are some of them …


A few more pics of the view from our balcony…


The fountains at The Bellagio!


The ceiling in the Bellagio Reception.


A close up – these are glass poppies!  Aren’t they beautiful?


And here’s the real thing in the Bellagio Gardens.


More poppies!  I’ve been trying for a few years to grow these in my garden with no luck.


Hyacinths in the Bellagio Gardens


This is a tile floor in the Bellagio Garden.  I love the detail!


A shot from our night flight over Vegas.

And now for some examples of the lighting (which seems to be the majority of pictures I took of the interiors) in our hotel – The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.



Bright pink chandeliers against an elegant wallpaper on the  recessed ceiling.



There were several tear drop type window treatments.  The first was in our bedroom and the second was a chandelier in the lobby bar.


This was one of many chandeliers through the casino, all glass.

And the piece de resistance …

A three story bar – INSIDE a chandelier!





It was impossible to get he entire chandelier in one photo. 



  1. WOW...you took some awesome pics Donna. I'm thinking some of those chandeliers are Murano glass. I'm also thinking a trip to Las Vegas is in my future.

  2. WOW! The three-storey bar in the chandelier is unbelievable! Only in Vegas ;-)

    Aren't the glass flowers on the Bellagio ceiling amazing? I've never seen anything like it. Vegas really is a feast for the eyes! I was a bit overwhelmed when we were there, but your pictures are making me want to go back :-)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love all the sparkly elements in Las Vegas. And you're right Maureen I know that floral chandelier in Bellagio is Murano glass. It's breath taking-ly beautiful!

  4. Hi Donna,

    What gorgeous photography! Wow!

    To clarify for Maureen, Kelly and Lisa, (hi all! :) ) the art glass pieces at The Bellagio were all created by the genius glass-blower butcher's son from hardscrabble Tacoma, Washington, Mr. Dale Chihuly. (They are not actually Murano glass.)

    For a little background - In 1969, Chihuly founded the Rhode Island School of Design Glass Department, where he was a teacher for 14 years, and he also helped found the famed Pilchuck Glass School in 1970. Through the following decade, he developed his own skills, influenced by the Italian Murano glassblowing techniques. He worked with a large team of master glassblowers, enabling him to produce architectural glass in large quantities. Dale has over 90 employees, part of a veritable fine art factory called Chihuly Inc. and has been a glass artist for over 44 years. And, btw, Kelly, you may see very similar flowers in our own backyard, so to speak - by Chihuly - at the lobby of the Hilton Hotel at Lac Leamy! Cheers ;) Pam Ravek www.ORDESIGN.com

  5. These interior and exterior lighting examples are amazing. The interior chandeliers are so full of detail. Thank you for sharing.


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