May 20, 2011

Friday Find - May 20

I've been seeing these for several years and love the look!  A nice mix of industrial and rustic.  I'm trying to figure out where I could incorporate one of these in my home.


  1. Hi Donna, We too love the barn door look... and incorporated our beautiful Art Glass set in an antique door frame at the entrance to our kitchen from our glassworks gallery... you're welcome to see 'Ein Gedi Oasis' on our site at
    Enjoy the long weekend! Cheers, Pam

  2. I love barn doors too. OMG, I just had an idea - I wonder if we could install a barn door (or two) in the loft in front of the projection screen that's painted on the wall to hide it when it's not being used. Hmmmm....

  3. Kelly, that is a fantastic idea! It would add amazing visual interest to that wall whether the doors are opened or closed. You should so do it!! And I want to see the pics!!!


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