April 8, 2011

Friday Find – April 8th

Sorry for missing last week’s Friday Find, but I’m now back from a busy vacation in Las Vegas! 

More on that in another post. 

curriemain4 frontenac club inHere is a very interesting headboard idea, care of Kingston, Ontario’s Frontenac Club Inn.  This is their Marie Curie Room. 


A few years ago I was wandering the streets of Kingston with some girlfriends and took this picture.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it just happens to be the front door of the Frontenac Club Inn.  Love the red!


  1. That is a beautiful way to repurpose the gorg mantle. Funny how things turn out sometimes...always best to have a camera.

  2. Love your images of Kingston's Frontenac Club Inn; such a warm and welcoming inn - and innkeepers! We stayed at FCI while exhibiting at the (end of June-July 1st) annual FANFAYR Art Show. :)


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