March 7, 2011

Donor Spotlight - The Upper Room Home Furnishings

kindnessA  couple of weeks ago I told you about my involvement in Extreme Makeover – Kindness Edition, turning The Good Companions Center lobby, reception and tuck shop from drab to fab entirely on DONATIONS!!! That's right - construction, furniture, paint, carpet, artwork, floral arrangements, woodworking, photography & design savvy - ALL donated!

It’s been an exciting project, with a very talented group of peers.  On February 18th we spent the day putting the project together for the big reveal on February 19th.  I’ll give you all the details and pics on that in another post, but, what really made this project come together was the generous donations from various individuals, organizations and companies.  And since several of the decorators involved in the project have blogs, we have decided to write Donor Spotlight posts to that all of those involved!

One of those was Ottawa’s The Upper Room Home Furnishings!

upper room logo

When we first put our design plan together we envisioned a central seating area with a sofa and chairs around a coffee table and a few other seating areas scattered throughout the space.  When the call went out for donations, theses were the areas we were trying to fill.   And when we approached our friends at The Upper Room, they came through – in spades - with a red leather sofa, a coffee and end table AND two occasional chairs!

Here are the pieces donated:

And before I show you how we incorporated these pieces, let me tell you a bit about their generous donor.

The Upper Room Home Furnishings ( has been in business since 2004 and has a tradition of quality, customer service excellence and commitment to the community - which is quite evident in their generous donation to The Good Companions. 

A top priority of The Upper Room makes is to engage their clients, helping them fully realize their home design goals.  With a selection of more than 700 sumptuous fabrics and over 60 custom leather colours and textures, their showroom features a large selection of home furnishings to suit various decors, be they elegant, contemporary or eclectic.  The Upper Room offers design services and will work with you to achieve the look you desire. 

Their website offers up a "Knowledge Centre" which provides guidance on cleaning your furniture and area rugs, tips on decorating and design, and monthly design articles.   Check out their cool space planner tool that lets you play with a room's layout to help you decide which furniture works best in your room.  Really cool!  Make sure to browse their online collection of furniture available for purchase, but to get the full impact of their extensive inventory, head out to their show room at 2670 Queensview Drive in Ottawa or call them at 613-721-5873.

So, from the design team to Upper Room Home Furnishings …thank-you


Please make sure to visit the other “Donor Spotlights” populated over the next 2 weeks and listed at the top of my sidebar.  And now, since you’ve been so patient, have a look at the completed, redecorated spaces.  Enjoy!



  1. Great Post Donna! and thank you Upper Room for your kind donation

  2. The best thing that could have happened to our design was that red leather sofa - it was the jumping off point for the great hits of red throughout the lobby, which really brings the space to life :-)

    Big thanks to The Upper Room!


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