February 4, 2011

Friday Find–February 4


From the Elle Decor Show Home in San Fransisco, the lower level family room designed by Erin Martin.

Is it just me or is that a giant spider hanging from the ceiling?


  1. I thought to myself "Eeew! Giant black spider!!" Then I scrolled down to see that you saw the same thing! I hate spiders, Donna!! I tried to find a redeaming quality in the room overall, but all I could see was the black spider (2 of them because it's reflected in the mirror) :-(

  2. That is DEFINITELY a giant spider hanging from the ceiling!! EEEEK!!! I really don't think I'd be able to sit in this room - I'd be afraid of having spiders falling on my head!

  3. This just gives me the creeps! I hate spiders and having a spider light fixture hanging over me would definitely cause me nightmares!


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