November 20, 2010

In need of a little warmth ….



This cooler weather up here in the great cold north has me wishing I had a fireplace.

fireplace-main_Full windhamcourt com

There’s nothing quite like curling up in front of a roaring wood fire to give you that comfy, warm all over feeling.  Now I know wood fires aren’t for everyone, and there are several benefits derived from natural gas fireplaces, or even electric fireplaces, but for me the smell of a wood fire is half the pleasure and if Blogger had that option, you can be guaranteed I’d be attaching it to this post :)!  But since it doesn’t here are some fireplace images to put you in the mood …

The clean warm feel of this room is achieved by mixing the warm wood tones, cream furnishings, walls and windows and of course the stainless fireplace.

FavoriteFire04 elle decor

I love the glow the fireplace gives this room.


And now, I’m wishing I could live in this beach house, although I’m not sure when I’d curl up in front of a roaring fire ??  But I do know that I’d be out on the beach a whole lot :).

0910-miller-fireplac-family-room-03-de hb

This is more like it – good book, class of red, a nice warm blanket, and a dog or two cuddled up on the sofa with me.


I’d maybe do some mending while sitting by this fire, with a big pot of hearty stew bubbling on the stove.


Although this room doesn’t scream curl up by a roaring fire, I had to include it for the great furnishings, lovely wall colour and yes … the zebra rug!

lipner-charleston-0508-4_lg veranda

I love the stone wall this fireplace is inserted into, although it is a gas fireplace.  One day I will use this stone in my home – one day I tell ya…


I love the mid-century modern look of this suspended fireplace.  I feel like I’m looking at James Bond’s ski chalet.  James dahling, that will be shaken not stirred please.


This is in an apartment in the Upper East Side NYC.  Hard to believe.

white-living-room-2-0207-xlg hb

And now for the total opposite – a rustic home in the Adirondacks – notice the birch tree beside the fireplace?  Interesting!


And for some of these wonderful fireplaces, how about a nifty fireplace screen.  I found these in my latest email from Architectural Digest and fell in love.  They are made by Philip Nimmo Ironworks, out of Los Angeles, California.  They have many unique designs for fire screens, along with other products such as furniture, lighting and fireplace tools.  Philip Nimmo is also an architectural and interior design firm, so check out some of their work here as well.

Here are my favourites:

graphico firescreen

donna firescreen

punto firescreen

oceana firescreen

So are you sitting in front of your fireplace feeling a bit warmer now.  Wish I was!


  1. A warm post Donna. Great selection of pictures. I think a fireplace in any room transforms it into a cozy happy feeling room.

  2. Today was the perfect day for a roaring fire - and I had ours on all afternoon :-) It's gas, not wood, but I love the warmth and the glow of the flames :-)

    Beautiful collection of rooms with fireplaces. I'll take the fireplace by the beach, please :-)


  3. Great interiors showcasing so many different styles of fireplaces. I had a wood burning fireplace at my last home and it was lovely but we didn't use it often. We put in a gas fireplace in our new home and it is on pretty much every day - the convenience is fabulous!


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