September 28, 2010

My latest TV addiction

Now that the cooler weather has arrived here in the Great White North, I’m beginning to take notice of the new fall TV season. 

I used to be a huge television fan, but for about 10 years or so now I’ve found that television programming is pretty lame.  Investigative cop shows don’t do it for me.  Medical dramas don’t do it for me.  Reality TV doesn’t do it for me either – with one exception.  Home and design TV shows.  And lately I’ve discovered a new show that I’m loving.  9 by design.  It seems like I may be a little behind the times for this show, but what I’ve seen so far has me addicted.  You have got to check this show out. 

Bob and Cortney Novogratz are parents of 7 (yes that’s right - SEVEN) children who run SIXX Design, designing and building homes, most often for themselves, most often in New York City.   It’s not just the work they do, it’s how they manage to get that work done with such unbelievably busy, hectic lives.  Often their projects will begin with locating a property that has been torn down, or should be torn down.  Their design and build will result in a property that rejuvenates neighbourhoods and sells for amazing sums of money.

Their style is a mixture of modern and vintage and somewhat chic.  In fact I believe I’ve heard them say they don’t have a style.  They put things that they like together and it works.  Here are some examples:

 9xdesign_red_hallway Picture-3-703734 4513071647_0d716e522a_z art7  novohousetour31_rect640 sixx_design kitchen Sixx_Design_5 sixx_orange_room sixx4  sixx-photos06_23274909 tumblr_l3f1f15UR71qaiq3o

Check out their website for more!  And if you have a chance check out their show too – it’s quite entertaining!


  1. What channel is it on??

    Love the room with the curvy tub and gorgeous wood flooring and purple curtains :-)


  2. I've just discovered it too! Are there previous seasons? I so love watching them with their 7 children makes my 4 seem easy....

  3. Ahh yes, I've heard about them on other blogs, their home is AMAZING!

  4. @ Kelly : It's on the W network. Check out some previous here : It's an awesome show. I love watching it when I have a bit of time


  5. Wow Great style and design concepts! Do you know if any of their homes a re eco-friendly? There has been a huge movement in the new homes in New Orleans, keeping things Green- wondering if they do the same? Great blog by the way!
    Cheers~ The Capital Junk Team

  6. I love that show as well. Love their funky ecletic way of dressing, managing their brood and their designs!


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