August 19, 2010

Some teeny tiny news ...

Well, my friends, I've got some big teeny tiny news!

No, I didn't go out and buy a teeny tiny Smart Car like my friend Kelly at Design Ties.

And No, we are not adding a teeny tiny barker to our brood of (two) little pups (although isn't this litte one adorable????)  I'm sure Sam and Milo would adore a little sister - No??!!

And NO, hubs and I are not starting another family - GOD forbid!!! Sheesh - wouldn't that be a shocker.

Our teeny tiny news is ......

Our youngest and her hubs are expecting our very first teeny tiny grandson!  The little fellow is expected to arrive at the end of September.  The hubster, I and Daughter #1 (aka Auntie) are over the moon.

Now, I know you are all scratching your heads, thinking, "Wait a minute .... she is far too young to be having grandchildren!", and I really do thank you all for thinking that, but age really has nothing to do with it.  I'm beginning to believe "grandparenting" is a state of mind!  Now, of course I have no real experience "grandparenting", but from what my very young "grandparent" friends tell me, it ROCKS! 

My hubster is a huge (read HUGE) fan of babies, and I have to admit it will be great to see him with one of his own gender for a change :)!  And I am just itching to hold this little guy, coo with him, sing lullabies and watch him sleep.  And, yes, I know I'm leaving alot of "other" stuff out but I'm anxious to be doing all that too!

Over the last month or so I've started to gear up into baby mode.  I now make a b-line straight to the baby section in any store I'm in, I've been picking up the odd item here and there and Auntie and I are busy planning the mom-to-be's baby shower this weekend! 
PS: Anyone need to know ANYTHING about baby shower games? 
Check out this link:!  We are going to have FUN!

What I've also been doing though (in my spare time - cause I have soooo much of it) is decorating the nursery.  We painted it a couple of weeks ago when my fab-u-lous sister-in-law from New Brunswick was visiting.  Blue - of course!  The parent's-to-be had decided on Fisher-Price's Ocean Wonders as the theme:

So last night Mom-to-be, Auntie and I painted coordinating coloured bubbles in the room.  Here are some pics!

We traced bowls to get our larger bubble shapes and the inside of a roll of painters tape to get the smaller ones.

The turquoise and lime green paint is Natura from Beauti-tone, and the yellow, orange and dark blue (reads black in the pictures) are sample pots from Pittsburgh Paint.

We decided on a wave of bubbles across two walls, starting low under the window, reaching a peak in the corner and then a sideways S wave across the long wall to the door.  For fun, I also added a couple on the opposite wall above the light switch.

Next for the room:  a repainted IKEA pine shelf, rocking chair and lighting.  This is fun!!!

I'll keep you all posted on the room and of course on the arrival of our teeny tiny addition!


  1. So exciting Donna! A lucky little grandson he'll be with a great grandma & grandpa like you guys... Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Congratulations! That is fabulous news! All the best to the whole family. This decorating project will be super special, no doubt. :)

  3. congratulations! you will make a super chic granny!

  4. Looks great!! You no doubt will be using your handy dandy sprayer to do the dresser and chair? Although the chair was in pretty good shape and if I can remember...matches pretty close to the crib/table?

  5. Oh what happy, wonderful, exciting news!

    I love babies, everytime I see a little teeny tiny one, I want one of my own :) They're just so wubbable. Then I come to my senses and accept that I will wait for grandchildren.

    Congratulations to your entire family. The room looks great so far, loving it.


  6. Congratulations! How fun...the nursery looks great.

  7. I love the bubbles!! The little corn cob is going to love his new nursery!! :-) And you are going to be the hippest grandma ever :-)

    I'm so happy to be back to driving my little smartie -- SUVs are TOO BIG!!



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