August 16, 2012

Mini Loos

We love our home.  We love the location, the style, the age (+50 years) and the back yard with it’s 35 year old grape vine arbour … well that’s what sold it for us.  And I’m not even going to mention the large attached garage that has been re-dubbed “The Lounge” which now doubles as a music studio, bar, surplus furniture warehouse.

One of the few things we don’t love is the fact that there is no washroom on the main level.  There’s one on the second storey and one in the basement, but you’re out of luck on the main level.  Not only is it a convenience we miss, it is an issue for guests who find stairs a challenge.

So, what to do???  We are currently in the process of planning an addition of a covered front porch.  The plans include a future enclosed entryway.  When that happens we will convert the current front closet into a mini powder room.  And when I say mini, I’m talking 36”x43”.  Yup – miniscule!

This got me searching the wonderful wide web for a “little” inspiration *snicker*.  I guess we’re among the minority because I couldn’t find too many mini loos as inspiration.  But here are the few I did find:

There is so much I love about the one above – the wallpaper for one and the built-in book case (for the all-necessary reading material).  But the best is the mirror – did you notice it?  The snowshoe is a mirror – genius!!!
Ours will be very similar in size the one above, although I don’t think we will have room for a pedestal sink.  I like how the floor continues into the powder room.  But, people, when you are taking pictures of your work, take note of the little things … like the extra roll of TP – really????
This next one really IS in a closet!  Love it!


Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I like this one for the size of the fixtures, and how they’ve built around the tank and heater.  Not quite sure what’s going on behind the toilet – looks like the cover may have been pushed back through the wall – oops…

Here’s a couple of examples show how to make the room seem bigger with wall treatments:

I did manage to find some neat fixtures – like the sink above – and these next ones too …

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

And finally, hubby has his vote in for this one .. me, ummmmm, not so much …

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

However this turns out, I’ll guess I should  just be happy if I don’t have this :) …

Source: via Tammy Lenover on Pinterest

So, have you a mini powder room?  Or have you seen or used one?  If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears :)….


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