June 27, 2012

Colour of the month for June–{lavender}

I am soooo late with this post, since June only has 4 days left … but I struggled a bit on what colour I should write about for June, but browsing through FB the other day I noticed that June was lavender season.  How perfect is that?!  I just so happen to sit in a lavender office everyday (OK well 5 days a week) and love the calming effect it has on me – especially when I’m at my busiest!

So, lets talk about lavender.  The colour name obviously comes from the plant lavender, which is actually from the mint family.  I’m not a mint lover, but am definitely a lavender lover.  I have two plants in my perennial garden and make it a point to check them out every day.  Just brushing by them fills the air with lavenders sweet scent … ahhhh…


The plant has many uses.  Apart from it’s ornamental value in your garden, it is used to create an essential oil, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory uses.  It’s scent is also used in cosmetics and fragrances.  And it is a popular additive to cleaning products these days.  Apparently it has disinfectant qualities as it was used during the First World War to disinfect floors and walls. 

The nectar from the lavender flower is used to make honey and is used to flavour baked goods or tea.  As an infusion lavender can help ease itchy insect bites and headaches.  It is said a lavender cachet in your pillow will help you sleep.  So from a plant perspective this is one versatile perennial!

Now, from a colour perspective, lavender was identified in the book “A Dictionary of Color”,  first published in the 1930’s with only four shades, and by 1955 the ISCC-NBS Dictionary of Color Names listed many more.  The “true” lavender shade is still based on the colour of the plant and is called Floral Lavender.


Enough with the history lesson though … let’s see lavender put to good use inside and out.

Lavender pairs quite nicely with several other colours – gray:

And cream:

Even mustard:

Lavender can be used in bedrooms:

In bathrooms:

In living rooms:

Even in entryways:

Source: hgtv.com via Donna on Pinterest


And outdoors:


What about you?  Have you used lavender in your home, either as a colour, a fragrance or even as an infusion? 



June 21, 2012

A Peony Parade

If you’ve been following my blog you must know how much I love peonies.  And I love taking pictures of them almost as much.  Here is a parade of this year’s peonies … (and don’t say I didn’t warn you …)


















And that’s the last of them …  until next year that is ….

Have a wonderful first weekend of summer everyone!


June 18, 2012

A Garden Revival {DIY}

I’ve been late in getting my patio planters going this year – it seems every weekend has been filled with one thing or another … sigh …  But this past weekend I finally got around to tackling a simple DIY that has been on my list!

I’ve looked longingly at those nice heavy stone or cast iron planters,


but couldn’t bring myself to spend upwards of $100 each, so I thought I would improvise and revive a couple of old green planters I’ve been using for the last several years.


The sun has done a number on their finish, and to tell you the truth I wasn’t loving the patina anymore.  To top it all off I have a pink patio – yes …. PINK!  I also have a PINK driveway … don’t judge … was here when we bought and I cannot for the life of me convince hubby to spend $$ on something that “works just fine” … sigh

I’ve been attempting to keep the furniture and accessories as neutral as possible – sticking to the grays and blacks.  So that meant only one thing – the green had to go!



I stopped by my local RONA store and picked up a can of Rust-o-Leum Universal spray paint in Black Satin.  While there I picked up the new plants that would adorn the revived garden planters – and a few other goodies – who can shop at RONA and not pick up “a few other goodies” – NOT me! 






Using my makeshift painters platform (2 workbenches covered with an old tarp, I covered them with 2 coats of the spray paint. Here they are in the drying stage.  Big difference!









And after letting them dry for the required 24 hours (this had to be the hardest part … sigh… not a patient woman, am I), I filled them up with some grasses, flowers and succulents… and voila … a revived garden planter! 

Yikes after looking at that pink patio in pictures – I think there is an outdoor area carpet in the works!


And here are some shots of the pretty plants … I can’t resist taking pictures of flowers …




I’m linking up to Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch.  Head on over to see what other cool revivals DIY bloggers are undertaking – you won’t be sorry!

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