December 24, 2010

Friday Find - December 24th

Merry Christmas to all!!!
I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday!

December 17, 2010

Friday Find - December 17

This is the cutest tradition - wish I had known about it when my girls were small!
Read about it here...

December 10, 2010

New feature on dh designs–“Friday Find”

I've been feeling just a tad bit of guilt over the summer about my infrequent postings here.  Nothing you've done blog-land, just life was uber-busy, and maybe I would rather be outside enjoying the sunshine, or upstairs painting a bedroom, or out shopping.  Whatever the reason, I have been neglecting my blogger friends by not posting and even worse - not visiting and commenting on your blogs *GASP*.

Well I am about to remedy that.  And here's how:

One of the reasons why I've been skipping posting is a case of bloggers block.  I have set somewhat of a standard for my posts - they were not quick and easy to post, they took some thinking and time to formulate.  That seemed to be turning me off posting.  Soooo... I've decided that every Friday I will be doing a quickie post about something I've found that week that has caught my eye.  It won't be a novel, heck it won't even be a short story, it will just be a picture and perhaps a sentence or two.  I'm going to call this my "Friday Find".

And here's the first one:

hbx-art-deco-chair-green-13-1010-de housebeautiful peter frank

I love this chair! Simple…

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